Cloud Suitability Assessment

Strategic assessment of your technology landscape to laydown a roadmap for cloud transformation.

As businesses increasingly look to leverage the power of the cloud, it becomes essential to assess the suitability of their existing workloads for migration. Strategic assessment of technology landscape lays down a roadmap for successful cloud transformation, ensuring that migration journey is smooth and optimized for success.


Enterprise Modernization

Upgrade and Migration - Building Blocks for an efficient Future.

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, adaptability is key for staying competitive. To achieve this, enterprises need to embark on a journey of digital transformation. Yet, existing technical limitations and infrastructure constraints often stand in the way. This is where Enterprise Modernization steps in—a strategic process that revitalizes an organization's core operations, technology, and practices for a seamless transition into the future.


Cloud Migration

Migrate Your Applications, Servers And Data To Cloud!

Cloud migration is the transformative journey of moving applications, servers, and data from on-premises data centers or legacy infrastructure to modern, public cloud environments. At Mismo, we specialize in simplifying this process by helping you select the ideal cloud solution tailored to your specific needs and seamlessly migrating resources between different cloud platforms


Disaster Recovery

Ensuring Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery Solutions That Deliver

State of Art Business Continuity Ensure service availability and protect business data from the disruption caused by system failure and natural disaster. Use DR as a Service (DRaaS) for cost effective and efficient business continuity solution


Cloud Storage Services

Leverage hyperscale capabilities of Cloud storage

Storage-driven devices are vital hardware components dedicated to efficient data storage and retrieval. They are integral in modern computing, enabling the storage, access, and management of digital information.


Virtual Desktop Solution

Secured desktops on Cloud: Stays with you no matter where you go!

Virtual Desktop Solution, known as VDI or DaaS, transforms desktop computing. It offers comprehensive cloud-based desktop virtualization, granting users access to data, apps, and resources from anywhere with an internet connection. Scalable for global use, they enhance security by centralizing data control, eliminating hardware and software setup. Accessible from a wide range of devices, including Android, iOS, Fire, Mac, PC, Chromebook, and Linux."


DevOps Services

Faster, Better and Smarter Software Development and Releases

DevOps, a software development methodology, merges software development and operations, fostering collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement. It leverages automation, CI/CD, and agile practices to streamline the entire software development lifecycle, uniting development and operations teams into one responsible for planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.


Identity Services

Centralized, Secure and Scalable Identity

An identity service is a crucial element in modern digital systems, overseeing user identities and enabling secure access to resources. Implement a robust centralized identity solution, like Microsoft Entra, for your organization. It offers single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to protect against cybersecurity threats.


Cloud Landing Zone

Environment for Hosting your workloads, Pre-Provisioned through Code.

Landing zone is a well-defined and preconfigured environment within a cloud platform which provides a secure, compliant, and standardized foundation for deploying workloads, applications, and services in the cloud.


Azure Stack HCI

Designing and Implementing Azure Stack HCI to extend your Data Center to the cloud.

Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s hyperconverged solution that hosts virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid environment that combines on-premises infrastructure with Azure cloud services


VMware on Azure

Experience seamless migration of VMware virtualized workloads to the cloud

Allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their VMware workloads with Azure's cloud infrastructure while simplifying hybrid cloud management and making it easier for businesses to run, manage, and migrate VMware-based applications in Azure's cloud environment